Recognise youth diversity as of right

Pathways into education, work and training are flexible to cater for different needs and learning styles

Respect the situation of each young person

Diversify pathways into education and career

Promote vocational training and continued professional development

The policy was developed by 9 government departments and presents a shared vision across the interests of these departments

Adopt an overall “youth perspective”

The “whole person whole life” perspective sees each area of young people’s lives as having an impact on others

Strong emphasis on partnerships among stakeholders

Policies by specific areas of need, including health, education, employment and welfare

Policies by specific areas of need, including welfare, safety, health, and education

Vision includes balanced and holistic youth development

Underscore youth’s potential of making positive contributions to the society (not their problems)

Support young people’s independence

Shift collective thinking about young people from a problem based to a strengths based approach

Develop skills that youth need and give them opportunities to contribute to their environments

Focused on protection against harms and risks (e.g., of delinquency)

Preventing delinquency and illegal behavior is a key objective

Provide opportunities in education, for personal and social development

Provide real access to influence over everyday lives

Equip young people to shape their futures through education

Equip young people with the skills and personal networks for employment

Give young people access to a range of development opportunities such that they can influence their lives through choices and skills

Heavy emphasis on counseling

Improve access to healthcare, quality education, and professional training; while at the same time, expanding social services

Improve mobility through training and skills development, while at the same time enhancing access to information and opportunities

Heavy emphasis on counselling, especially on career and life planning and delinquency prevention