31 MAY, 2024

Youth Beige

Written by : Angus Chan

The concept for Youth Beige originates from the Beige Book published by the United States Federal Reserve. A report designed to shed light on the current economic conditions of Federal Reserve Districts, the Beige Book differs from most economic indicators with its use of anecdotal information gathered from various interviews.


Youth Beige strives to do the same for youth conditions. Currently much research is being done to provide quantitative data on the opinions and actions of young people in Hong Kong. Whilst these statistics tell us how youth think and behave, they are unable to tell us why.


Youth Beige thus attempts to address the question of why. By chronicling the views and feelings of young people, Youth Beige aims to provide context for youth statistics, uncovering the diversity of experiences behind each dataset. We also hope to provide a youth perspective on different social issues, allowing different stakeholders in society to consider the impact their actions will have on this segment of the population.


The content of each issue of Youth Beige is derived from in-depth interview with studying and working youths. An agglomeration of their views and experiences on topics such as social activities, civic participation, personal wellbeing, education, work, and personal finances, Youth Beige does not profess to be a reflection of the views of youth population as a whole. Instead, we simply hope to provide glimpse into the everyday life of young people, giving an opportunity for the society to see the world from the eyes of a youth.