24 JUL, 2019

A New Approach to Whole Person Development

Written by : Ambrose Wong

“Whole Person Development (WPD)” – an objective for quality education promulgated by the Hong Kong Government since 2000s – has long been neglected due to the heavily “result-oriented” culture in the city. In the long term, the society needs a compendious definition of WPD, so that stakeholders of the education sector, including principals, teachers, parents, social workers and so on, could take reference from it and push forward a quality education in Hong Kong.


“The Whole Person Development Framework” (the Framework) is developed based on the views of eighteen local stakeholders of the education sector, as well as overseas literatures and case studies. We aim to provide a clearer and more holistic direction of thinking for the general public, with the view of empowering more schools to implement policies, and corresponding syllabus and activities for WPD.


Following the Framework, a report named “Whole Person Development in HK Schools – Case Practices” (Case Practices) comprises case examples from ten local schools that have outstandingly pushed forward WPD over the years. It is believed that, the case practices would support for the education sector – to have a more in-depth understanding of the principles and actual implementations of WPD in schools.


WPD is open to interpretation depending on people’s experience and expectations of education, and we are glad to listen from you; your input/ comments would be helpful to keep the Framework and Case Practices in line with social circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email ([email protected]) for your views.