7 AUG, 2018

Me, My Selfie and I

In this project, we dig deeper into the “selfie” phenomenon among young girls and try to understand related behaviours (selfie-editing and posting on social media) and underlying motivations. Findings reveal the perceived notions of beauty among this demographic and their body image, and provide an explanation from their perspective as to whether selfie-related behaviours are a sign of empowerment or a lack of self-esteem.



The Road to Beauty – ‘Face Matters’, a documentary



The documentary, “Face Matters”, was produced by Dr. Donna Chu from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and commissioned by MWYO. It presents beauty from different disciplinary angles. The documentary starts with the lengths to which young females in Hong Kong go in pursuing beauty, then goes on to discuss beauty in different contexts, for example, the beauty of our mother earth. All the guests who appeared in the documentary are well established in their industries. The documentary featured psychologists, anthropologists, philosophers, make-up artists, singers, actresses, and arts professors. Their views on beauty make for dynamic discussions from different perspectives.


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